Thank you and Goodbye

Dear Community,


It is with deep gratitude and heavy hearts that we are writing to announce the closure of Toronto Acupuncture Studio. On the evening of Monday, July 24th, there was a flood in our space. This is not the first time that water damage has closed our doors.  Due to the structure of the building’s eaves and piping, as well as the landlord’s reluctance to correct these issues, fixing the damage done will not prevent a reoccurrence in the future.


This recent flooding has happened within a greater context of issues that the studio has been facing. With our current lease ending in early 2018 and a poorly-functioning furnace, our team was already looking to the winter months with worry. Ash Yoon, who started the studio and is now living abroad, has been looking to move out of studio ownership and just recently, acupuncturist Daryl Fang was offered an incredible opportunity with her mentor in Scarborough come September. As a team, we had decided to close the studio in the late fall and were in the midst of finalizing our communication and wind-down plan to you, our wonderful community, when last week’s flood occurred.


Closing the studio to renovate and then re-open, just as we say goodbye to Daryl, only to close again two months later does not feel right to us. We know the choice not to re-open has its own drawbacks – that it  is sudden and will be a shock to many of you. Serving this community has been such a gift for us all, and it is in thinking of you that our hearts grow heavy. We couldn’t feel more honored to have served each of you on your healing path.


We are, however, very fortunate to live in a city that has, not only many acupuncturists, but also more than one community acupuncture clinic. Toronto Community Acupuncture (where you can find Rachel), Six Degrees Health (where you can find Gunjan), and Roncesvalles Community Acupuncture at The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary all offer care in a group setting with a sliding scale fee option.


All of the studio’s existing health records are secured in an encrypted hard drive, in accordance with stipulations set out by the Personal Health Information Protection Act and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Act. These records will be kept for ten years after which they will be securely destroyed. If you’d like a copy of your health record or an itemized receipt, please reach us at torontoacustudio at gmail dot com before November 30, 2017. A $35 record retrieval fee will apply for your health record only.


We’d like to invite you for a farewell celebration at Dufferin Grove park on Tuesday, August 15th between 4pm and 7pm so we can say good-bye. We will be on the south west side of the park. Follow the signs! We invite all questions you may have and really look forward to seeing you there.


Thank you for your presence at the studio over the years. It was wonderful to cross paths with you, and we’ll miss you very much.


Sincerely, with love,


Daryl Fang, Gunjan Chopra, Rachel Lipton, Ash Yoon